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Fill your home with music

Improve your TV viewing experience

Bring reliable WiFi to every square inch of your house

Quality Products

Sonic Illumination has access to hundreds of electronics brands but gravitates toward the quality, simple products at a good value. Technology can be enjoyable with products that just work great with minimal effort.


The home sound system that allows you to play any song in any room.


Premium Home Entertainment line of 4K HDR Televisions, ES Home Theater Projectors, Receivers, Blu-ray Players and Hi-Resolution Audio components.


Turn your house into a smart home with consistently strong WiFi everywhere you need it.


A high quality, high-performance loudspeaker brand that serves every application, taste, and budget.


10 Years

& Counting!

Quality Customer Service

I will work with you every step of the way. First, I will visit your home to create a custom solution that will best fit your needs and stay within your budget. Next, I will order, deliver and install your new system. Once the installation is complete, I will show you how to use your new state of the art system and answer any of your questions.

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